You are encouraged to submit your photographs for posting in the Chapter Photo Gallery. As you have probably noticed, many of the existing photos were taken by your fellow riders. In an effort to keep things looking good and consistent, get your pictures posted as soon as possible, as well as to keep the workload on the volunteers who run this chapter to a minimum, we ask that you follow the guidelines given here when you submit your photos.

What To Send

Please send your pictures of Chapter events, or the scenery and activities surrounding them. They should be yours, and not encumbered by copyrights or other legal entanglements.

Where To Send

The general guidelines for photo submissions are to e-mail your photos to either of the following addresses: or

How To Send

All photos should be e-mailed and accompanied with the "Name of the Ride" and the "date of the ride" in the Subject Line of your e-mail (as published on the events page on the MCHOG website.) or the name of the chapter event. And that' all you have to do!!

Generally, if you have a large number of photos, here's how we would like you to send them to us:

1. If your photos are on a digital camera:
a. copy your photos to your home computer (as JPG files)
b. download PKZIP of ZIP software to your computer (if you don’t have it already)
c. follow the PKZIP instructions for copying all of your photos to a ZIP file (use medium size photos, if prompted)
d. email the named zip file to us with the Ride Name and the Ride Date

2. If your photos are on a Android cell phone
a. Open the “Gallery” app.
b. Open the folder that contains the photos you wish to send.
c. Press the “Menu” Menu icon button located at the upper-right corner of the screen.
d. Choose “Select item“.
e. Tap the photos you wish to send.
f. Select the “Share” Android Share icon button.
g. Choose the “Email” or “Messaging” icon as desired. Some models may have a separate email or messaging icon showing.
h. A message form will appear where you can send the picture.
i. Select medium size image, if prompted
j. Address email to
k. Enter Ride Name and Date in the subject field

3. If your photos are on an IPhone cell phone
a. Open the "Photos" or "Camera Roll" application on your iPhone.
b. select the picture (s) you want to send
c. tap the email icon
d. TO: enter
e. SUBJECT: enter ride name and date
f. Hit “SEND”
g. Select “Medium” size image

Note: your e-mail account will limit the number of photos you can send at one time which will require multiple e-mails. We would prefer that if you have a large number of photos that you first copy them to your computer and then "ZIP" them to us per Step #1, above.

What NOT To Do

  • Don't send pictures that are not "family-friendly"...our Gallery is open to all.
  • Don't send pictures to the Webmaster...only the Chapter Photographer or the Assistant Photographer can process chapter photos